1618 Gold

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Activated Charcoal Powder (1oz)
Activated Charcoal is known for its cleansing and protective abilities and is used to render a harmf..
Agrimony (1oz cut)
Agrimony is often used in spells, rituals and mojo bags to protect from and expel negative energies ..
Alfalfa Cut (1oz)
Alfalfa is traditionally used as an herb of prosperity and money gathering and as proof against hung..
Amber 1618 Gold Stick (13pk)
Brought to you by 1618 Gold, this amber scented stick incense comes in thirteen stick packages of de..
Angelica Root Cut 1oz
Angelica has long been known as a healing herb with the ability to cast illness from the body and pr..
Anise Star Whole 1oz
Anise Star is a well known ingredient in protective and meditative incenses and is sometimes used as..
Arabic Gum Powder (1oz)
Arabic Gum is used in incense or smoldered alone to add good vibrations and banish negativity and ev..
Arnica Whole 1oz
Especially potent on the summer solstice; bunches are gathered in fields and burnt as offerings to e..
Banishing 1618 Gold Stick (13pk)
Brought to you by 1618 Gold, this scented stick incense, focused for banishing and cleansing, comes ..
Bay Leaves (1oz whole)
Bay leaves are the laurels of myth and legend worn by Roman and Greek victors, and are said to be us..
Bayberry Bark (1oz cut)
Bayberry is widely used in rituals and spells of luck, plenty & prosperity. It is oftern carried..
Bearberry (uva-ursi) 1oz
Used sometimes by Native Americans in smudging, Bearberry (also known as kinnikinnick) smoke is said..
Bergamot Cut (1oz)
Bergamot is often used to bring clarity and good working order to a volatile situation. Bergamot is ..
Beth Root Cut (1oz Trillium Erectum)
Traditionally, Beth Root is a potent aid in turning back the curses and hexes of black magic, and it..
Black Cohosh Root (1oz powder)
With medicinal uses traced back to the Native American's teachings to early settlers, Black Cohosh r..
Black Opium 1618 Gold Stick Incense (13pk)
Brought to you by 1618 Gold, this black opium scented stick incense comes in thirteen stick packages..
Black Salt Fine (1oz)
Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt - Gourmet Salt. Enjoy this USA culinary salt: Solar evaporated Sea Salt..
Blessed Thistle (1oz)
Blessed Thistle a potent aid in healing magic and is linked to Mars, and the sign of Aries, and the ..
Buckeyes Whole 1oz
Within spiritual communities, buckeyes are best known as an aid in attracting money, good luck, and ..
Burdock Cut 1oz
Often used in purification, Burdock is also a powerful aid in protecting against negative energies a..
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