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Day Dead Clock 11 1/2
A round Day of the Dead clock. Uses 1 AA battery which is not included. Plywood back, Laminated Viny..
Day of the Dead Clock
A wonderful wall clock featuring artwork patterned after the Calavera sugar skulls given as offering..
Mystic Aura Clock (13")
Another stunning piece of art work from celebrated artist Anne Stokes forms the face this wall clock..
Stargazer Clock
An unearthly beautiful fairy with lavender hair loosely draped in a gown of diaphanous fabric and cr..
Witch Clock 17 1/2
A witch seated on her flying broomstick make up the face of this clock. Takes 1 AA battery - not inc..
Witching Hour Clock 11 1/2
A wonderfully mysterious & bewitching clock with a black cat watching from its perch on several book..
Wolf Clock
A beautiful and functional wall clock featuring the art of Lisa Parker. Takes 1 AA battery - Not Inc..
Fairy Clock
A wall clock featuring a fairy with wings spread perched atop a stump. Artwork by Lisa Parker. Takes..
Two Wolves Clock
A wall clock featuring two powerful wolves - one taking its ease while the other bays at the full mo..
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