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Celtic Cross Treasure Chest
This fantastic chest is marvelously constructed of wood, accented by riveted metal in the form of an..
Celtic Knot Wooden Chest
Decorated with a complex pattern of Celtic knots, this wooden box is a wonderful place to store your..
Dome Chest
A simple little chest featuring a hinged decorative domed lid, latch and metal strapping. 3" x 3" x ..
Hecate Triple Pentagram Chest
Featuring the triple moon and pentagram design associated with the Triple Goddess 8 x 5 x 4..
Mini Pentagram Bone Chest
Featuring a pentagram, this mini bone chest is the perfect piece for storing small amounts of incens..
Pentagram Wooden Chest
Engraved with numerous occult and mystical symbols, the Witch's Chest is a wonderfully crafted woode..
Salem Pentagram Chest
This wonderful wooden chest provide a distinctive shape that is perfect for spell craft and ritual w..
Tree of Life Treasure Chest
A wonderful, round topped, wooden box featuring a stylized Tree of Life carving covering the front a..
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