Wind Chimes

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29" 3 Tree of Life brass windchime ...
Hanging from a its own chain, this wind chime displays a smooth brasstoned Ankh. Hangling from its ..
Black Pentagram Chime (9.5")
Stamped out of brass and painted black, this lightweight pentagram features seven bells that ring mu..
Brass Triquetra Wind Chime
This lovely brass wind chime features an intricate Triquetra forming its body, with three small bell..
Long Pentagram Wind Chime
A stunning 32" long wind chime made up of brass pentacles decorated with brass chains, beads and bel..
Peace Wind Chime
Bring some serenity into your home with the brass Peace Wind Chime. Dangling from a slender chain, i..
Pentagram Wind Chime with Copper Bells
Supporting two copper bells, this wrought iron wind chime depicts the mystical symbol of a pentagram..
Pentagram, Triquetra, Solomon's Wind Chime
This elegant wind chime features a dangling Pentagram, Triquetra, and hexagram symbol sometimes know..
Red Glass Float
Hang it where the light will strike it, or float it over your treasure on a body of water. Entice fa..
Stars and Moons Wind Chime
This long wind chime is a beautiful piece for the home or sacred space, offering the musical ringing..
Three Bell Pentagram Wind Chime
Focused around a brass pentagram, this delicate wind chime makes for a melodic decoration for your s..
Three Bell Star and Moon Wind Chime
Hanging from a slender chain, this wind chime displays a crescent moon characterized by the traditio..
Triple Moon Wind Chime with 3 Bells
Representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone, or the three aspects of the goddess, this brass wind chim..
Triquetra Wind Chime with 3 Bells
Simple and elegant in design, this small wind chime is perfect for hanging by windows, doorways, and..
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