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1 Lb Agate, Botswana Tumbled Stones
Botswana Agate, is believed to remove doubt, create tranquility, change in positive ways, it is a co..
1 Lb Amazonite Tumbled
Believed to help encourage self determination, balance and calm moods, and lift spirits. Amazonite m..
1 Lb Amethyst Points
Raw amethyst like teeth of the mountain. Each is unique in color and size varies. 1" - 2 3/4". Est ..
1 Lb Ametrine Tumbled
Ametrine is a very rare crystal coming from less than a handful of mines worldwide. It is a quartz b..
1 Lb Aquamarine Tumbled Stones
Considered to be the stone of eternal youth and happiness. A sailors talisman of good luck, and a tr..
1 Lb Asterite Serpentine Tumbled Stones
The appearance of a serpentine is like that of a snake, hence it is named so. There is also an anci..
1 Lb Blue Chalcedony Tumbled
Blue Chalcedony is a stone of calming energy. It is often used in meditations, ritual and spell work..
1 Lb Blue Goldstone Tumbled
Blue Goldstone is one of the few synthetic stones used in energy work and magic. Blue Goldstone is a..
1 Lb Citrine Points
Also known as the "Success Stone". Carrying the power of the sun, Citrine is believed to bring prosp..
1 Lb Dalmatian Tumbled
Dalmatian stone is a powerful stone of Alchemy and therefore a useful tool for change and encouragin..
1 Lb Epidote Tumbled Stones
Epidote, is believed to have energies to aid you to have courage, to let go of what is holding you b..
1 Lb Green Calcite Tumbled Stones
Calcite stones, have rich deep warming colors. Calcite gemstone have are believed to help you to let..
1 Lb Howlite, White Tumbled
White Howlite tumbled stone is a calming stone, decreases an overactive mind and can assist with med..
1 Lb Jasper, Dragon Blood Tumbled
Jasper, Dragon Blood Stone is thought to promote patience and stimulate perception and personal powe..
1 Lb Jasper, Green Leopard Skin Tumbled Stones
Leopard Jasper is believed to be associated with vitality and strength, as well as attracting harmon..
1 Lb Jasper, Kambaba Tumbled Stones
1 Lb Jasper, Kambaba Tumbled Stones..
1 Lb K2 Tumbled Stones
The rare K2 Stone, also known as Afghanite. Prepare for a mind-bending journey when you incorporate ..
1 Lb Lepidolite Tumbled
Lepidolite is a lithium-mica. It is high in lithium and was originally mined for the mineral. Solid ..
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