Ancient Aromas

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Blessing Smudge Stick (5-6")
Using all natural ingredients, the Kumeyaay Indians created this variety of smudge stick to bring bl..
Ceremonial Smudge Stick (5-6")
Intended for purifications and blessings, this all natural smudge stick has been created by the Kume..
Love & Happiness Smudge Stick (5-6")
Created by the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico, this smudge stick features a special ..
Mystic Gold Smudge (3pk)
Each mystic gold smudge stick three pack contains three smudge sticks blending the scent of sage and..
Stargate Smudge (3pk)
Mingling Mountain Sage, White Sage, Rosemary and Sweetgrass, the layered fragrance of Stargate Smudg..
Stargate Smudge Stick (5-6")
This smudge stick blends Mountain Sage, White Sage, Rosemary, and Sweetgrass - a blend well suited f..
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