Ancient Aromas

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Blessing Smudge Stick (5-6")
Using all natural ingredients, the Kumeyaay Indians created this variety of smudge stick to bring bl..
Ceremonial Smudge Stick (5-6")
Intended for purifications and blessings, this all natural smudge stick has been created by the Kume..
Love & Happiness Smudge Stick (5-6")
Created by the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico, this smudge stick features a special ..
Mystic Gold Smudge (3pk)
Each mystic gold smudge stick three pack contains three smudge sticks blending the scent of sage and..
Stargate Smudge Stick (5-6")
This smudge stick blends Mountain Sage, White Sage, Rosemary, and Sweetgrass - a blend well suited f..
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