Anna Riva

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Abra Melin Oil (2dr)
Created in the tradition of the famed Abramelin Operation, Aura Accord's Abra Melin Oil, created by ..
Adam & Eve Oil (16oz)
Intended for use by both genders, Adam and Eve oil is a magical oil created by Anna Riva to help nur..
All Purpose Oil (2dr)
A blend of oils suitable for consecrating implements, dressing candles, purifying rooms and enticing..
Allspice Oil (16oz)
The spicy-sweet fragrance of Allspice oil from Anna Riva is a welcome addition to the household and ..
Ambergris Anna Riva (2dr)
Use Anna Riva's Ambergris Oil with other oils to heighten and strengthen their purpose. ..
Anise Oil (16oz)
Anise oil, by Anna Riva, is a mystical blend intended to be used by magical practitioners both befor..
Anointing Oil (16oz)
Use this oil to enhance your success. Add to incense, dress candles, dolls, bath water, floor wash a..
Anointing Oil (2dr)
While all oils are in essence, anointing oils, this oil is intended specifically for the ritual dres..
Attraction Anna Riva Stick Incense (22pk)
Stick incense to assist in searching for a mate & to increase personal magnetism. 22 pieces ..
Bayberry Oil (16oz)
Anna Riva's Bayberry scented, mystical oil is a delightful fragrance for the home and sacred space t..
Bewitching Oil (16oz)
Bewitching Oil from Anna Riva is a potent mystical oil especially crafted to aid you in gaining powe..
Bewitching Oil (2dr)
Bewitching Oil from Anna Riva is a potent mystical oil especially crafted to aid you in gaining powe..
Black Arts Oil (16oz)
Anna Riva Black Arts Oil is formulated to give complete domination over enemies to the user. Especia..
Carnation Oil (16oz)
A potent oil for your healing rituals, Anna Riva's Carnation Oil can imbue your magic with a touch o..
Cast Off Evil Anna Riv (2 dram)
Anoint temples during prayer or ritual to overcome evil forces. Pure anointing oil for external use ..
Cloves Oil (16oz)
Having a potent aphrodisiac effect that is said to allow you to win over anyone you desire, Cloves o..
Courage Oil (16oz)
Replace fear with fortitude, timidity with boldness, and dread with daring with the aid of Anna Riva..
Desire Me Anna Riva (2 dram)
Inspires romance, attraction. Pure anointing oil for external use only. ..
Devil's Shoestring Oil (16oz)
Anna Riva's Devil's Shoestring oil is created to help "trip up the devil," giving you the upper hand..
Do As I Say Anna (2 dram)
Do As I Say Oil from Anna Riva lends to those who use it in magic an aura of self confidence, master..
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