Anna Riva

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Allspice Oil (16oz)
The spicy-sweet fragrance of Allspice oil from Anna Riva is a welcome addition to the household and ..
Anise Oil (16oz)
Anise oil, by Anna Riva, is a mystical blend intended to be used by magical practitioners both befor..
Anointing Oil (16oz)
Use this oil to enhance your success. Add to incense, dress candles, dolls, bath water, floor wash a..
Astral Travel Oil (16oz)
Designed to help you slip into the trance state you need to travel with your mind and spirit, this r..
Attraction Anna Riva Stick Incense (22pk)
Stick incense to assist in searching for a mate & to increase personal magnetism. 22 pieces ..
Bewitching Oil (16oz)
Bewitching Oil from Anna Riva is a potent mystical oil especially crafted to aid you in gaining powe..
Black Arts Oil (16oz)
Anna Riva Black Arts Oil is formulated to give complete domination over enemies to the user. Especia..
Black Arts Oil (2dr)
This oil is one of Anna Riva's most potent black magic oils, and can be used to anoint one's self be..
Black Cat Oil (16oz)
Also known as Black Cat Bone, Anna Riva's Black Cat Oil has been created to help improve your luck. ..
Carnation Oil (16oz)
A potent oil for your healing rituals, Anna Riva's Carnation Oil can imbue your magic with a touch o..
Cloves Oil (16oz)
Having a potent aphrodisiac effect that is said to allow you to win over anyone you desire, Cloves o..
Courage Oil (16oz)
Replace fear with fortitude, timidity with boldness, and dread with daring with the aid of Anna Riva..
Court Oil (16oz)
Anna Riva's Court oil is a must have if you have a court date coming up helping to soothe nerves so..
Do As I Say Anna (2 dram)
Do As I Say Oil from Anna Riva lends to those who use it in magic an aura of self confidence, master..
Do As I Say Oil (16oz)
Do As I Say Oil from Anna Riva lends to those who use it in magic an aura of self confidence, master..
Draw Back Oil (16oz)
Have you ever wished that someone or something would return to your life? Anna Riva's Draw Back Oil ..
Earth Oil (16oz)
Earth Oil from Anna Riva is formulated especially to help you protect your own little piece of the p..
Easy Life Oil (16oz)
Easy Life Oil from Anna Riva is intended to help fill your life and household with blessings of good..
Egyptian Glory Oil (16oz)
Dedicated to Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom and magic, Anna Riva's Egyptian Glory oil is intended..
Eucaluptus Oil (16oz)
Generally considered to possess wonderful healing qualities, Anna Riva's Eucalyptus oil is a powerfu..
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