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1842 Poetry Leather Journal with Latch (medium)
Hand tooled blank leather journal with an unadorned cover and hand stitched edges. Border embossing ..
6-sided Various
These random assorted pendulums, featuring 6 faceted sizes and a point are perfect for your divinati..
Amber Fragrant Resin (5g)
A 5gm package of Amber Essence Resin. Suitable for burning as is on charcoal, grinding to add to oth..
Amethyst Double Terminated
This double terminated amethyst point is a wonderful addition to your crystal healing and ritual pra..
Amphora Spell Bottle
This glass spell oil bottle can be worn as a pendant or hung as a charm. Designed to have top glued ..
Ankh Pendant (brass)
A celebrated mystical symbol, the ankh is the ancient symbol of eternal life. In modern times, the a..
Arrowhead Stone (1-1.5")
One of the original tools for hunting, the stone arrowhead is a powerful symbol of the hunter, and t..
Arthritis Relief Tea
White willow bark, yarrow, buckthorn bark, angelica root, black cohosh, valerian, rue and skull cap ..
Bats Head Root
Bat’s Head Root, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the head of a bat, is said to be of great use in ..
Black 6
Though also used for decoration, in power outages, and a variety of other reasons, these black taper..
Black Pentagram Chime (9.5")
Stamped out of brass and painted black, this lightweight pentagram features seven bells that ring mu..
Black Salt Fine (1 lb.)
Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt - Gourmet Salt. Enjoy this USA culinary salt: Solar evaporated Sea Salt..
Black Velveteen Pouch (2")
This is a black velveteen pouch intended for storing charms, crystals, talismans in the creation of ..
Brass Candle Snuffer
Sculpted of brass, this small candle snuffer is great for those who need to keep their altar tools h..
Brass Triquetra Wind Chime
This lovely brass wind chime features an intricate Triquetra forming its body, with three small bell..
California White Sage Smudge Stick (3")
California White Sage Smudge Stick 3"..
Caution I Brake
Caution! I brake for Elves Fairies, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Unicorns, Dragons & other invisible creatur..
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