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 Vanilla Soap (100g)
Enjoy this refreshing bar soap. Gently cleanse your skin while enjoying this wholesome scent. It is ..
Attraction Eye Pillow
Made of the softest flannel, the Attraction Eye Pillow offers the scent of jasmine and rose petals t..
Cape: Moon Goddess Black
This stunning black cape has been trimmed with crescent moons, pentacles, and Nile moon goddess imag..
Celtic Moon Caftan Purple
This beautiful caftan top is comprised of two large squares of fabric artfully sewn together with a ..
Celtic Moon Large Top Purple
This 100% rayon batik top has four points on the bottom edge, one in the front, back and each side, ..
Celtic Moon Long Skirt Purple
This flowing long, purple skirt is lightweight and beautiful; its 100% Rayon Batik material is adorn..
Celtic Moon Top (large)
Celtic Moon Black Large Top..
Celtic Pentagram Patch 3
Sew this beautifully embroidered cloth patch to your favorite clothing, accessories, and ritual wear..
Cernunnos Sew-on Patch 3
Beautifully embroidered cloth patch to sew on your favorite ritual wear, street clothing or accessor..
Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap (75g)
Enriched with essential oils, Chandrika Ayurvedic soap is formulated to refresh perfume as it nouris..
Dragons Blood Soap (100g)
A mild 100% vegetable based soap to gently cleanse your skin. This beautiful fragranced soap is desi..
Dream Eye Pillow
Ease yourself into dreamland with this soothing Eye Pillow, which soothes you with the softest flann..
Energy Eye Pillow
This hand crafted dream pillow is filled with lemon verbena and eucalyptus, imbuing it with a fragra..
Eye Of Horus Sew-on Patch 3
Beautifully embroidered cloth patch to sew on your favorite clothing or accessories. Multicolored Ey..
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