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1 1/2
1 1/2" silver plated spiral pendulum , chain approx 6"...
2 1/2
2 1/2" silver plated spiral pendulum...
3D Tarot Deck
Experience a new dimension of tarot! The Fool, the Lovers, the Empress, and all 22 major Arcana come..
5" Celtic Scrying Bowl Or Smudge Pot..
6 Sided Pink Opal
A 6 sided pendulum made from carved and highly polished pink opal. The pendulum is strung on a 6" ch..
6-sided Amethyst
A natural stone Amethyst pendulum balanced y a small marble of Amethyst on the opposite end of the c..
6-sided Clear Quartz
Let the qualities of quartz aid your divination by enhancing and complimenting your intention with t..
6-sided Orgonite Amethyst
6-sided Orgonite Amethyst pendulum..
6-sided Tiger Eye
A natural stone Tiger's Eye pendulum balanced with a small marble of Tiger's Eye on the opposite end..
7 Chakra Silver Plated Pendulum
7 Chakra silver plated pendulum , chain with bobble approx 6"...
7 Chakra Stones Pentagram Pendulum
7 Chakra Stones Pentagram Pendulum..
Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle By Mel Brown
The Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle is inspired by the close connection between the aboriginal spiritual..
Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Oracle By Mel Brown
The Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Oracle is a unique mix of aboriginal and universal spirituality, encom..
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