Herbs, Oils & Incense

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.25oz Look Me Over Solid
Look Me Over Condition Formula Solid get positive attention looks lustful stares. This blend is a m..
1 Lb Boneset Cut
Boneset also known to North American Indians as 'Ague-weed'. Or as 'White Snake Root, also used quit..
1 Lb Chicory Root Granules
Chicory helps remove obstacles from your path which may include outside forces or internal blockages..
1 Lb Devi's Claw Root Cut (harpagophytum Procumbens)
Discovered from the tribes of South Africa, Devil's Claw Root gained popularity among European explo..
1 Lb Devil's Shoestring Root
Sometimes referred to as Twigs in old Hoodoo oral histories, Devil s Shoe String is a common and pot..
1 Lb Frankincense Siftengs Incense
Though both frankincense and myrrh tend to bring up certain religious connotations to the western mi..
1 Lb Goldenrod Cut
It is believed that if goldenrod makes a sudden appearance near a door or home, that unexpected good..
1 Lb Goldenseal Cut
Goldenseal is widely thought to be a powerful guardian and healer. It is believed to be an herb of a..
1 Lb Horse Chestnut Cut
Horse chestnuts are a very specific species within the buckeye family. Associated with money, prospe..
1 Lb Neem Leaf Powder
Also known as Indian Lilac, Nimtree and Village Pharmacy, Heal All and similar names, neem leaf powd..
1 Lb Yeast, Nutritional Powder
Popular among vegans and vegetarians, nutritional yeast is perhaps most well known for its flavor, d..
1.2oz Ajna Chakra Resin
The Aj a Chakra, the sixth energetic center, is situated in the space between the eyebrows. It is hi..
1.2oz Anahata Chakra Resin
This is a natural mixture of resins, herbs, spices and essential oils, blended with pure rose extrac..
1.2oz Ananda Resin
Ananda means Absolute bliss, beyond pain and sorrow, but also beyond happiness and pleasure... Trans..
1.2oz Dhanvantari Resin
A pure essential oil blend of Lemongrass and Patchouli Dhanvantari is the god of health, healing and..
1.2oz Kama Resin
A unique blend of Love & Attraction. Kama is pleasure of the senses, the enjoyment of appropriate ob..
1.2oz Lakshmi Resin
Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. She grants both worldl..
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