Herbal Mixes

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4 Winds Blend (1oz)
A non-tobacco ritual blend, Four Winds Smoking Blend is created using Coltsfoot, Mullein, Mugwort in..
Banishing Spell Mix 1oz
A mix created of carefully chosen herbs, the Banishing spell mix from AzureGreen is intended to empo..
Empowerment Spell Mix (.75oz)
Empower your magick and improve all of your rituals and spells with the Empowerment herbal spell mix..
Healing Spell Mix 1oz
AzureGreen's Healing spell mix has been chosen from the finest herbs to help empower your healing ri..
Purification Spell Mix (1.5oz)
This blend of herbs from AzureGreen is specifically intended to lend power to your spells and ritual..
Releasing Spell Mix (1oz)
Let go of bad habits, addictions, negative relationships and influences with the aid of our Releasin..
Smoker's Aid (.75oz)
Smoker's Aid is a non-tobacco ritual blend created to help reduce coughing, repair lung tissue, and ..
Wishing Spell Mix 1oz
Blended of carefully chosen herbs chosen for their ability to empower your Wish magick, this spell m..
Tea Basket Sampler
Tea is the most popular drink in the world! Used by Buddhist monks in religious ceremonies, taken as..
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