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4 Thieves Vinegar (4oz)
Intended to be used in healing magick, or in keeping enemies and other undesirable people out of you..
Adam & Eve Oil (4dr)
Use this oil to heighten the love between yourself and your lover. Conversely, you can use it to bri..
Black Arts Oil (4dr)
This oil is a powerful aid in destructive spells, and in pact making rituals. Economical purpose oil..
Black Cat (4dr)
This oil captures the qualities of the black cat, making it a potent aid in your spells and rituals ..
Black Destroyer Anointing Oil (4dr)
This oil is a powerful aid in spells and rituals of consecration and protection. Use it to anoint th..
Helping Hand (4 dram)
Use Indio's Helping Hand Oil when you are in a tight situation and need help fast. Should one have t..
Irresistible (4 dram)
Indio Products Irresistible Oil is believed to make the wearer very attractive and irresistible to t..
Jinx Removing (4 dram)
Economical purpose oils that have stood the test of time. Many of our customers simply demand these ..
Just Judge (4 dram)
Wear Indio's Just Judge Oil to court when justice is in the balance and mercy is needed to tip the s..
Look But Don't Touch (4dr)
Intended to aid those who are seeking to avoid overly amorous attention, this oil is designed to be ..
Send Back Evil (4 dram)
A powerful oil against curses and hexes and evil spirits, this oil is intended to be used in your ri..
Wealthy Way (4 dram)
Wear Indio Products Wealthy Way Oil to attract money and financial gain when playing bingo or the lo..
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