Bronze Jewelry

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Ankh Pendant (bronze)
A beautiful representation of the most iconic of all Egyptian symbols, simply stunning in its simpli..
Bronze I Chingdragon & Phoenix Coin
Chinese characters cover one face and the image of a Dragon and Phoenix circling each other cover th..
Bronze Norse Broadsword
A solid bronze Caduceus formed by twined Norse dragons and a broad sword. Has cord. Bronze. 2 1/2 x ..
Bronze Pentagram Pendant
A filigree bronze interwoven pentagram with a primitive design running around the outer circle. Has..
Bronze Triquetra
A solid bronze triquetra formed of interwoven Celtic Knotwork. Has cord. 1"..
Thor's Hammer Pendant (bronze)
A wonderful and more simply carved Mjollnir with a triquetra on the handle and runes of the Elder Fu..
Triquetra Bronze
A beautiful solid bronze triquetra from an intricate Celtic knot. Has cord. Bronze. 1"..
Viking Ship Bronze
The image of a mighty Viking Longship as it would have been depicted on a stone monument to some anc..
Witches Broom (bronze)
A small witch's broom to remind us to sweep away that which does not serve and so clear a path to ou..
Bronze Tapestry Belt
Unique, adjustable 2" wide belt with Triskellion frontpiece and small Triskellion with tassel on fro..
Celtic Pentagram Medieval Girdle
Gold tone bronze with carved stone accents available in jade green and purple onyx. Limited Edition ..
Nevern Cross Medieval Girdle (bronze)
Each style made to order. Adjustable up to 38" waist. ..
Petite Knot Circlet
Bronze with Moonstone Circlet (Custom Order - Allow 3-4 weeks for this item) ..
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