Circlets & Headpieces

Legend has it that a Greek God invented the head ornament or diadem (from the Greek 'diadema' from 'diadeo' to bind round, or fasten) which was originally a white ribbon, ending in a knot and two strips that were placed. They were also made from bound foliage and flowers, and later – metal was used. The word – “tiara” is Persian, and signifies a high peaked head-dress. It was the Romans who started to use precious stones. A bride’s head-dress symbolized the loss of innocence and the triumph of love. A circlet is a crown with neither arches nor a cap (internal covering). Many ancient crowns were circlet in style. In fairy tales, crowns often continue to be represented in circlet form. (written by Ann J. Weller)

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Petite Knot Circlet
Bronze with Moonstone Circlet (Custom Order - Allow 3-4 weeks for this item) ..
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