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Ankh Pendant (bronze)
A beautiful representation of the most iconic of all Egyptian symbols, simply stunning in its simpli..
Black Cotton Cord (2mm, 1yd)
Ideal for use with necklaces and pendants, this black cotton cord can also be used to tie sachets an..
Black Tourmaline Wire Wrapped
An untumbled Black Tourmaline crystal point wrapped with wire which forms a secure bail for stringin..
Black Waxed Braided Cotton Cord
2mm thick, braided & waxed, black cotton cord. Comes on a plastic spool. 100 meters ..
Box Silver Chain (24")
Composed of box-shaped links this delicate chain is perfect for wearing your favorite pendant, talis..
Chain Gold Plated (24")
Fashioned in a cobra style, this chain glitters with a beautiful gold tone that will perfectly accen..
Chain Silver Plated (24")
A beautiful piece of jewelry by itself, this chain is also the perfect size for you to lace your fav..
Coil (large silver plated)
A large coil that expands into a spiraling design that can be used to hold small charms. Coil may co..
Jump Rings (silver plated 1oz)
An all-purpose size jump ring, plated in genuine Silver. Use for the female half of clasps and othe..
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