Altar Cloths Tables & Tiles

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18"x18" Black Rayon Triple Moon Cloth..
18"x18" Purple Rayon Triple Moon Cloth..
18"x18" Red Rayon Triple Moon Cloth..
2 1/2
2 1/2" Resin Pocket Goddess (assorted Colors)..
3 1/4
3 1/4" Resin Ankh Mini (assorted Colors)..
3 3/4
3 3/4" resin Goddess altar tile (assorted colors), sold separately, our choice...
This altar tile is an elegant addition to any altar or sacred space. Made of silver plated brass, it..
Antiqued Triple Moon Altar
This small antiqued altar table features the symbol of the Triple Moon in representation of the Maid..
Brass Cut-out Pentagram (3")
The timeless symbol of the pentagram has been created here, cut from brass so as to be a fine additi..
Celtic Altar or Tarot Cloth
With an ornate black Celtic border jumping off of its purple background, and accenting an inner circ..
Celtic Pentagram Altar Table (7.5")
The Celtic Pentagram Altar Table is a fantastic supplement to your sacred space, providing you with ..
Chakra Lotus Altar Cloth (36"x36")
Multi colors and black symbols of chakras, om, and lotus, make this altar cloth a helpful centering ..
Decorative Wooden Book Holder
Great for supporting your books' bindings and elevating them from your desk, altar, or countertop, t..
Dream Catcher (36"x36")
Dream catcher and Native American symbols are displayed across this earth and sky toned tie dye. Use..
Fatima Hand Altar Cloth (36"x36")
The hand of Fatima or Hamsa is an ancient symbol to protect from the evil eye and negative influence..
Goddess (18" x 18")
A wonderful altar cloth with a large central goddess figure on a crescent moon, bordered by more moo..
Goddess Labrinth Altar Cloth Or Scarve 36
A full cycle of the moon surrounds the oldest labyrinth known to humans, found on many continents al..
Gold Bordered Pentagram Cloth
The perfect addition to your altar or sacred space, this altar cloth features a silver pentagram, su..
Green Man Altar Cloth
An excellent altar cloth for dividing an altar into the four quarters with the face of the Green Man..
Green Man Altar Cloth
Worn as a scarf or used to decorate your altar, this cloth depicts the Greenman; the guardian of nat..
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