Amulets & Talismans

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7 African Powers Coin
Etched with a timeless symbol of the Orishas, this powerful coin is a powerful symbol of protection ..
7 Metals
Using alchemy this amulet uses lead, tin, iron, gold, copper, mercury and silver fused onto a base o..
english & french, kabbalistic talisman,..
Abracadabra is an ancient healing spell from Rome. Said nine times, dropping the last letter each ti..
All Saints
A talisman kit for those seeking the divine influence and assistance of the saints, Comes with a pou..
All Seeing Eye
Similar to a Hamsa Hand symbol, this All Seeing Eye amulet offers you protection from evil powers an..
All Seeing Eye Pentagram
A pewter amulet showing the All Seeing Eye with an interwoven pentacle at the iris. Made in USA. Has..
Amber Dragon Thor's Hammer
A classic, ornate and highly intricate pagan amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking ..
Sculpted of pewter, this small stone is inscribed with an Angel and is quite useful in meditation an..
This stylized ankh is smooth and is a benevolent symbol of the key to the eternal life and strength ..
Antiquelis, Seal Of
From the 6th and 7th book of Moses this amulet can be used to summon one of the great princes to hel..
Archangel Michael 1 3/4
A stunning display of angelic power in this amulet showing a triumphant Archangel Michael holding a ..
Archangel Gabriel
Wear this amulet of the Archangel Gabriel to bring his gentle healing and subtle influence into your..
Archangel Michael
Wear this amulet of the Archangel Michael to bring his gentle and subtle influence into your life. H..
Archangel Michael Amulet
Inscribed with an Angelic script and a sigil attributed to Michael, an inscription on its back reads..
Archangel Raphael
Wear this amulet of the Archangel Raphael to bring his gentle healing and subtle influence into your..
Archangel Set
A set of five Archangel medallions. Wear one or all five when seeking the attention or protection of..
Archangel Uriel
Wear this amulet of the Archangel Uriel to bring his sometimes harsh but always fair gaze into your ..
Archangels Amulet
Engraved along its outer edge in Enochian script that reads "Before me, behind me, to my right and t..
Ariel Angel Charm
Womanhood and Strength. The Archangel Ariel celebrates the power and beauty of womanhood. Often depi..
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