Athames & Bolines

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Black Handled Athame
With a classically designed, stainless steel leaf-shaped blade, this Athame has a black, faux-wood h..
Black Medieval Athame
With a long blade, cruciform cross guard, and black hilt wrapped in a faux leather finish; this atha..
Boline (4")
A folding boline with a safety locking blade. Wooden handle covers for comfort and a stainless steel..
Boline 7" White Bone
Perfect for the druid on the go, this folding, mini boline provides you with a ritual tool that can ..
Bone Athame (9")
A wonderful tool for ritual and spells, this unadorned athame has been created entirely out a solid ..
Bone Renaissance Athame
Featuring the delicate lines and curves distinctive of much art from the Renaissance, this athame fe..
Bosom Athame
This small athame offers you a ritual for your ritual needs while remaining small enough to be easil..
Celtic Athame
A Celtic themed Athame with an interwoven pentacle at the cross guard. Comes with a scabbard and fin..
Celtic Full Moon Goddess Athame
This sleek athame blade is high quality stainless steel with full length blade through hilt. The app..
Celtic Pentagram Athame (12")
A stunning Celtic themed dagger with stainless steel blade and pewter lacework handle with manmade j..
Celtic Sword Letter Opener
This letter opener takes the form of a cruciform sword, decorated with knots of a Celtic design and ..
Charmed Athame
This Athame brings a powerful symbol of the three forms of the Goddess and mind, body and spirit int..
Damascus Athame
This Damascus Athame features a handle expertly carved of horn and a leather sheath for storage and ..
Deva Fairy Queen Athame
This Athame features a classical design decorated with a pewter fairy, which accents the base of the..
Dirk Wood Damascus Athame
An impressive athame styled after ancient Persian design with a wooden hilt, Damascus steel blade & ..
Dragon Head Necklace Athame
A hidden athame blade within a fierce dragon head. Wear it around your neck and keep the ferocity of..
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