Athames & Bolines

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Bone Athame, with leather sheath having a safety snap strap and belt loop holder. The athame is 7 1/..
7 1/2
Horn Athame, with leather sheath having a safety snap strap and belt loop holder. The athame is 7 1/..
9" Horn boot knife with sheath...
9" Pakkawood boot knife with sheath...
Black Handled Athame
With a classically designed, stainless steel leaf-shaped blade, this Athame has a black, faux-wood h..
Black Medieval Athame
With a long blade, cruciform cross guard, and black hilt wrapped in a faux leather finish; this atha..
Boline (4")
A folding boline with a safety locking blade. Wooden handle covers for comfort and a stainless steel..
Boline 7" White Bone
Perfect for the druid on the go, this folding, mini boline provides you with a ritual tool that can ..
Bone Athame (9")
A wonderful tool for ritual and spells, this unadorned athame has been created entirely out a solid ..
Bone Renaissance Athame
Featuring the delicate lines and curves distinctive of much art from the Renaissance, this athame fe..
Bone Stag Athame
This beautiful ritual athame is made up of a Damascus steel patterned blade and a polished stag horn..
Bosom Athame
This small athame offers you a ritual for your ritual needs while remaining small enough to be easil..
Celtic Athame
A Celtic themed Athame with an interwoven pentacle at the cross guard. Comes with a scabbard and fin..
Celtic Full Moon Goddess Athame
This sleek athame blade is high quality stainless steel with full length blade through hilt. The app..
Celtic Pentagram Athame (12")
A stunning Celtic themed dagger with stainless steel blade and pewter lacework handle with manmade j..
Celtic Sword Letter Opener
This letter opener takes the form of a cruciform sword, decorated with knots of a Celtic design and ..
Damascus Athame
This Damascus Athame features a handle expertly carved of horn and a leather sheath for storage and ..
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