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Aluminum Cauldron, Inner Diameter - 18", Height -24", Width - 24". Limited Quantities, when they are..
3 1/2
3 1/2" High X 4" Wide X 8" Long Cast Iron Cauldron W/ Lid & Handle..
cast iron cauldron w/ lid, 5" high x 4 1/2" wide...
5" Cast Iron Cauldron W/ Lid Pentagram..
5" Cast Iron Cauldron W/ Lid Tree Of Life..
Cast iron cauldron w/ lid Triple Moon, 5" High x 4 1/2" wide...
This pewter tone cauldron displays a raised Pentacle on two sides. It has a wire handle, three feet,..
8" Tree Of Life Cast Iron Cauldron W/ Lid..
Brass Cauldron with Screen Burner (2")
This small brass screen burner has been sculpted into the image of a cauldron, making it fit in perf..
Cast Iron Cauldron (3")
This simple and unadorned cast iron cauldron is the perfect ritual tool for whatever magic you wish ..
Cast Iron Cauldron (3")
A small cast iron cauldron perfect for offerings, burning incense, and placing on your altar...
Cast Iron Cauldron (6")
From the base of its three legs to the top of its fold-down carry handle, this cast iron cauldron is..
Cast Iron Cauldron Morter & Pestle (2.75")
Representative of rebirth, change, and creation, the cast iron cauldron mortal and pestle set also p..
Cast Iron Cauldron w/ lid Triquetra (5")
Cast iron cauldron w/ lid Triquetra, 5" High x 4 1/2" wide...
Cast Iron Cauldron with Lid (8")
Classic smooth rounded cast iron cauldron with lid and handle, has with 3 thick legs. Inside dimensi..
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