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30mm Shungite Heart
Shungite is famous for its many attributes. This black heart can be used a pocket stone to help remo..
40mm Aventurine, Blue Sphere
Adventurine spheres - These are a blend of gray and blue making this gem mineral blend very unique a..
40mm Aventurine, Green Sphere
Aventurine green spheres range from deep to light green. Some use for prospertity or for the heart c..
40mm Jasper Red Sphere
Red jasper is dense with a glossy red brick color. This sphere is 40 mm...
40mm Labradorite Sphere
Labradorite spheres are dark with irridescent highlights common in this semi precious stone. Related..
40mm Mookaite Sphere
Mookaite jasper spheres are sometimes called Austrailian jasper. They look like a picture jasper of ..
40mm Rose Quartz Sphere
Rose quartz sphere. Is your world love, lust, romance or something else. Discover what it means to y..
8 Pointed Star Amulet
An 8 Pointed Star Pentacle in a Celtic circle, having a small gem at it's center. pewter - with cord..
Amber Bottle with Cap (16oz)
This bottle is the perfect place to store your oils, lotions and other spiritual and herbal blends...
Angel With Bow Amulet
This pewter Angel with Bow amulet, pendant, measures approximately 1 3/4" in length x 1 1/2" in wing..
Anne Stokes Legends Traot By Anne Stokes
Born from the union of love and sensuality, the Anne Stokes Legends Tarot opens new doorways to embr..
Ariel Angel Charm
Womanhood and Strength. The Archangel Ariel celebrates the power and beauty of womanhood. Often depi..
Aroma Collection (full Box)
Aroma Collection Hem (full Box)..
Attracts Money Cone (10pk)
A box of 10 Attract Money incense cones and a single metal burner plate. Burner plate must be placed..
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