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7 Chakra Gemstone
7 Chakra Gemstone bracelet. Adjustable links and a spring clasp. Exact stones will vary in color, pa..
Abalone Shell Burner (5-6")
Abalone shell incense burner. They range in size from 5 -6 assorted. These silvery and iridescent ab..
Aphrodesia Perfume Roll On (1/3oz)
Alluring and sensual, Aphrodesia perfume from Auric Blends is a beguiling fragrance hinting at flora..
Black Coconut Perfume Roll On (1/3oz)
Balancing the unmistakable, sweet fragrance of Coconut with a smooth, earthy musk, Black Coconut per..
Black Pullet
First surfacing in France in the 18th century, The Black Pullet is a guide to the construction and u..
Cedar, White & Blue Sage Smudge (3pk)
This collection of smudge sticks provides you with an assortment of traditional herbs used within sm..
Celtic Knot Tote Bag
This 100% cotton tote bag, displaying a Celtic Knot; an ancient symbol for the interconnected nature..
Green Onyx Bowl (3")
These delicate green onyx devotional bowls can suit any circumstance. 3” ..
Healing Eye Pillow
This healing eye pillow has been filled with spearmint and fennel to promote healing and help ease p..
Master Book Of Candle Burning
The Master Book of Candle Burning outlines the practices used and taught by mediums, spiritual advis..
Pentagram Engraved Copper
Made of copper, this bangle bracelet is elegantly decorated with the engraving of Celtic knot work a..
Rose Quartz Pyramid (30- 40mm)
This rose quartz pyramid has been crafted to aid you channel, attract, and focus energies for your m..
Ruby Zoisite Pendulum (6-sided)
Ruby Zoisite is a wonderfully colorful stone, mingling vibrant green coloring accented by vivid purp..
Tibetan Buddha Prayer Flag
This traditional Tibetan Buddha prayer flag string is made up of five repeating groups of five flags..
Tibetan Prayer Flag (medium)
A traditional Tibetan prayer flag string made up of two repeating groups of five flags. Individual f..
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